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Medical School App Planner: TCP Med App Portal

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Stay organized during your medical school applications with this Notion template. I created this template for myself during my own application cycle, and its organization helped me succeed. I have refined and curated it to include everything you need to remain organized and set yourself up for success.


  • Medical School List
    • Add detailed information for why you selected a school, and take note of special programs, curriculum features or student organizations that affected your decision to apply. Each page in this database has prompts for you to complete.
    • Add testing requirements such as CASPer or AAMC PREview
    • Add median MCAT and GPA
    • Add school city and state
    • Rank school by attainability for you
  • Expenses Page
    • Space to keep track of expenses spent during each part of the application, including Primary App submissions, Secondary App fees, Interview expenses, and Miscellaneous expenses!
    • These expenses are linked to each medical school, so you can see how much you've spent for each specific school.
    • Filtered views provide sum of expenses in each Application step.
  • Time Tracker Page
    • Track how much time you spent working on a task.
  • Tasks Page
    • Add tasks for you to complete and details such as date, School, and which Application Step it relates to.
  • Primary App Section
    • Recommendation Letters - Track recommendation letters and create quick meeting notes for each letter writer.
    • Personal Statement - Keep track of your Personal Statement drafts and feedback collected.
  • Secondary App Section
    • Space to write your secondary essay prompts and provide link to Google Docs.
    • Keep track of status, date received, and date sent.
  • Interview Section
    • Contacts page for you to store the contact information of people you will meet throughout the application process.
    • Space to write Interview Prep notes!
  • Application Tracker
    • Track Secondary App status and application status after submitting your Secondary essays.
    • Track if you have been invited to interview, were Accepted, Rejected, Waitlisted or simply Ghosted!
  • Notebook page
    • This page collects all your notes, such as meeting notes, interview prep notes, brainstorming notes, and more!
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Medical School App Planner: TCP Med App Portal

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